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adidas Running launches a brand-new technical performance silhouette for those who demand the best in Adidas Superstar womens performance, comfort and energy return when they run.Inspired by NASA engineering and designed for pure function, the SOLARBOOST is a high-performance, lightweight running shoe created using adidas’ best innovations. Featuring pioneering data-driven Tailored Fibre Placement technology which lays down fibres which feature Parley material content, every single millimetre of the shoe is precisely stitched and constructed. The result – superior comfort, fit and support in a lightweight form so runners can move confidently at any speed or distance.

Adidas Superstar cheep sale Confidence was a key inspiration behind the new franchise. Knowing that running enthusiasts run to gain self-belief in other aspects of their lives, the silhouette is designed to build this confidence in runners by equipping them with advanced technology. In the first of its kind to feature adidas Runner’s community members, who are at the centre of everything that adidas Running does, the supporting Run To Rise campaign is designed to celebrate the peak in confidence and energy that runners experience when they complete their run.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 sale Drawing parallels with the construction of a space-shuttle, in which every part has a unique purpose, every element in the SOLARBOOST has been maximised for a specific performance-driven function. Weighing only 295g (men’s 8.5 UK), the new silhouette is 15g lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette, reflecting a significant reduction in weight whilst delivering superior energy return through BOOST technology. Internal research verified by an independent external partner proved that the new adidas SOLARBOOST delivers higher energy return with each and every stride compared to the recently launched NIKE Epic React Flyknit.
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