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The recent PANDORA Spring 2018 Collection was refreshing for many reasons; we had the release of the exciting new PANDORA Shine range,Pandora Bracelets Charm Sale creative new charms such as the fun Bella Bot Charm with its movable limbs as well as a burst of cute Disney charms! The cheery PANDORA Spring Bird House (797045) charm was another reason why I particularly found the Spring Collection exhilarating.The PANDORA Spring Bird House charm is exactly the style of charm which initially attracted me to PANDORA. The detail in its various elements is stunning and it has a charming theme which can be used to symbolise multiple occasions. It is a chunky, oxidised silver charm and doesn’t feature any cubic zirconia or enamel. Whilst I do appreciate that subtle use of enamel and cubic zirconia can beautify and enhance charms, occasionally it has been used excessively and I’m glad that the Spring Bird House charm is plain silver.

Pandora UK The overall shape of the Spring Bird House charm is similar to the classic Home Sweet Home (791267) charm and they could work well together on a bracelet design. The Spring Bird House charm is slightly more tapered at the bottom and has an interesting pattern to portray the knots and grains in a wooden structure. PANDORA often include discreet love hearts which are artfully incorporated into the charm. If you look carefully at the Spring Bird House charm, you will notice a love heart on the end of the little post the bird is sitting on!The wooden motif continues around the Spring Bird House’ roof and sides, with graceful beaded adorning the edge of the roof and the entrance. The dainty Spring bird has a plump and healthy appearance and delicate lines trace its wings and eye.The PANDORA Spring Bird House charm really is full of charming details. Apart from the love heart on the end of the post, there is also a tiny leaf at it’s base. From the side angle the post looks branch like and appears to be growing out of the bird house.

Pandora Sale PANDORA has started to use some different hallmarks on recent jewellery, including the Spring Bird House charm. The hallmark is quite large but does not interfere with the beauty of the charm as it is on the base. The new hallmark is ‘P2 S925 ALE’.I was surprised to discover that despite being a chunky and solid looking charm, the Spring Bird House charm is not threaded. In retrospect this makes sense as even without a threaded interior the charm is quite weighty.The back on the Spring Bird House charm features the expression ‘Sweet Home’ engraved with an embossed heart in place of the letter ‘o’. This cute message makes the Spring Bird House charm an ideal gift for someone who has just moved to a new house. Or perhaps a melancholy memory for a mother whose child has recently left the nest.
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